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About Maharashtra State Lottery 2019

Maharashtra State Lottery is providing an excellent opportunity to common people to improve their financial condition. Maharashtra State Lottery came into existence on 12th April 1969 and since it is governed by the Finance Department of Maharashtra State. The main purpose of this scheme is to save innocent people from illegal gambling schemes like Matka. Such fake schemes are deceiving people who make an investment on lottery tickets in hope of turning their dreams into reality.

As it is mentioned above that Maharashtra State Lottery is governed by the State itself so, it is totally trustworthy and providing common people a chance to fulfill their dreams by investing a little amount of money to buy the ticket and in return win large amount prize.

If you think that your money will be wasted and luck is not on your side then still you will get the benefit of the lost money in some other way because the revenue generated from the sale of lottery tickets helps the State of Maharashtra to work for the betterment of citizens like the improvement of infrastructure, provide better health and education facilities, to enhance the status of women and child welfare, modernization of agriculture sector, etc.

Moreover, this scheme also turns into an income source for the unemployed persons by engaging them in the sale of lottery tickets and giving them with full time or part employment thus providing a platform to its employees to support their families.

Achievements of Maharashtra State Lottery 2019

Since, the beginning of this scheme it had achieved a lot by producing many happy winners and still a long way to go. The stats tell the whole story more than 2327 persons struck gold and became Lakhpatis in last 5 years. The prize money helped these people to boost their financial condition. For example, a businessman who wants to expand his business can utilize his prize money in business, or a person whose earnings come from agricultural activities can buy a tractor or any other modern machinery, or think about those parents whose priority is to give quality education to their children now can afford better institutes.

Each draw of this scheme is conducting publicly before a panel of Judges. The draw is done either by an electric machine or by selecting numbers from drums. The draws are completely transparent and there is no chance of cheating and misleading. In all these years Maharashtra State Lottery always proved its motto 'Reputed and Trustworthy'.

Maharashtra State Lottery Schemes & Draw

There are various schemes offer by Maharashtra Rajya Lottery.   We're trying to provide the best information for our readers about Maharashtra State Lottery so that they can know how Maharashtra Lottery schemes and draw works.   You can also check the results of schemes and draw results online at the given websites.

Schemes & Draw by Maharashtra Lottery

Maharashtra State Weekly Lottery

Maharashtra State Weekly lottery offers daily/week days except Sunday lucky draw schemes in different name day lotteries.   If you are a regular lottery purchaser then you may check the lottery ticket results online.

Check the latest articles on Maharashtra State Lottery - Weekly Lottery.

Maharashtra State Lottery Contact Information

For further enquires about Maharashtra State Lottery scheme you may contact via telephone or email:

1. Telephone number: (022) 27846720
2. E mail / e-mail:

Are you looking for the results of Maharashtra State Weekly Lottery to check your purchased lottery winning numbers or want to know how to check Maharashtra State Lottery Results online?   In this article, we have given information about how you can check results of Maharashtra Lottery Weekly schemes online.   You can also read our other articles which are related to MH State Lottery.

There are various lottery schemes available in Maharashtra Rajya Lottery.   This lottery is fully own and run by state government of Maharashtra state and is one of the few trustworthy lottery scheme in India since last 4 decades.

Maharashtra Rajya Weekly Lottery

You may know that there are various daily, weekly lottery draws declares the results of the day, week days, weekly, monthly, bumper lottery schemes and thus lucky winners get the bumper prize and many people have become lakhpati through this lottery scheme.

Now, we're talking about Maharashtra State Weekly Lottery.  I do not know what you are looking for or you may have come to this page to see results of your lottery ticket number or I thought you need to know how to claim your prize of lottery ticket.

Weekly Lottery schemes means, which declares results of various schemes on week days except Sunday.   There are total 10 draws every week which includes 6 Weekly draws and 4 Mini lottery draws.   Each and Every of those 10 draws declares results on the same day particularly for which they are.  For example, if you have purchase Monday lottery ticket, then the result of Monday weekly lottery draws declares on the same day evening at official address of Maharashtra Rajya Lottery.

The results can be available on the official website of Maharashtra State Lottery or you may find those results in selected news papers as well as you can check results at the Lottery Book Stalls or Government Gazettes available to the lottery agents.

Do you know? - You can become a lakhpati if you purchase lottery tickets regularly, but Do Not flow very much in lottery as it is a gambling type and if you are addicted by this then it may be trouble to you, but if you got lucky then no need to worry as you will have a good luck with good amount of prizes.

Maharashtra State Weekly Lottery

If you want to know what are the weekly schemes are available in Maharashtra Lottery, then you can check the listed weekly lottery schemes of Maharashtra state lottery.   You should also refer the official website of Maharashtra Rajya Lottery.

Following are the total 10 Weekly lotteries of Maharashtra State lottery.

  • Monday : (1) Sagar Lakshmi, (2) Maharashtra Diamond Mini
  • Tuesday : (3) Padmini
  • Wednesday : (4) Akshay, (5) Maharashtra Platinum Mini
  • Thursday : (6) Akarshak Puskaraj, (7) Maharashtra Gold Mini
  • Friday : (8) Vaibhav Lakshmi
  • Saturday : (9) Maharashtra Lakshmi, (10) Maharashtra Silver Mini
Results of Maharashtra State Weekly Lottery

If you are a regular purchaser of any of the weekly lottery, then you should know that the results of Maharashtra Rajya lottery are also publishes on the official website.   If you can not find the results of Maharashtra State lottery online, then you need to find local news paper which publishes the results of Weekly lottery.

In our another posts, you can also find relevant information about Maharashtra Lottery, Maharashtra Lottery Result, Maharashtra Rajya Lottery Results along with details of monthly, weekly, bumper lottery schemes prizes and winner numbers.

We are at providing all the necessary information about Maharashtra Rajya (State) Lottery and we are trying to provide actual and correct details of the lottery so that our readers can know actual details of state lotteries.  

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