Are you searching for महाराष्ट्र राज्य लॉटरी Maharashtra State today lottery results or want to know about what is Maharashtra State Lottery and which are the schemes are offered by Maharashtra Rajya Lottery.   This website provides all the information which is only related to the state government of Maharashtra rajya lottery.   Find the Maharashtra State Lottery results and other updates of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bumper lottery schemes information and also know how to purchase lottery tickets to win the Maharashtra Lottery bumper prizes.

At this site, our team is working to provide accurate and actual information about Maharashtra Lottery however, if you have any doubt about the schemes or if you are not sure about schemes, then you should always refer the official portal of Maharashtra Rajya Lottery @ where you can check authenticate information about Maharashtra Rajya Lottery.

Maharashtra State Lottery महाराष्ट्र राज्य लॉटरी

Maharashtra State Lottery or Maharashtra Rajya Lottery is one of the famous and leading government lottery scheme in India, governing by State Government of Maharashtra state.  The Maharashtra Rajya Lottery is started on 12 April 1969 by the financial department of state Maharashtra to save common people from cheating by miscreants through various illegal gambling schemes like Matka.

Maharashtra State Lottery is one of the few lottery schemes exist in country India which run by state government is totally trustworthy and there are various schemes which provides an opportunity to citizens to win Large Prize Amounts by investing very small amount to fulfill their dreams.

The utilization of revenue generated from lottery sales helps Government of Maharashtra to improve the infrastructure and to provide health and education facilities along with enhancing the state of women and child welfare, for agriculture sector in state of Maharashtra.  The lottery helps many unemployed persons who keep themselves to engage in sale of lottery tickets simultaneously which provides them a full time or part time employment.

Maharashtra State Lottery महाराष्ट्र राज्य लॉटरी Achievements So Far

It is proud to say that Maharashtra State Lottery has produced many many Happy Winners and there are more than 2400 persons have become lakhpati in last five years through Maharashtra State Lottery various schemes.   The Prize money won by those people has helped to them to utilize in various ways as per their needs and they have also invest in own business or agriculture activities, to purchase a vehicle or tractor or to buy a new house or many of them have used the prize money for the education of their children.

There are number of schemes and offers available in Maharashtra State Lottery and each draw is conducted publicly before a panel of Judges.   The Results of Maharashtra State Lottery or known as Draws are done either by an Electronic Machine or by selecting numbers from the results drums.    The results of each and every schemes run by Maharashtra Rajya Lottery is completly transparent and trustworthy.   Maharashtra State Lottery have completed more than 47 year and it always have proved its motto "Reputed and Trustworthy".

There are various schemes are available in Maharashtra Rajya Lottery.  In which, the lotteries schemes are categories in Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Festivals, Diwali, Dasara, Gudi Padwa Special lottery schemes having different prize amount slabs and bumper prizes for matching the number of digits.

The Maharashtra State Lottery have categories in following type.
The above mentioned names are the basically types of Maharashtra Rajya Lottery and under those categories there are number of schemes are available.  

The monthly lottery schemes are also available in name of Maharashtra State Gajraj Lottery, Maharashtra State Sahyadri Lottery.   The monthly lottery results declare on monthly basis.   Both Gajraj and Sahyadri lottery are very famous lottery schemes are popular among the people.

महाराष्ट्र राज्य लॉटरी Maharashtra State Lottery Weekly Lottery Schedule

Maharashtra Rajya Lottery is run by government of Maharashtra state which conducts different lottery schemes on week days except on Sunday and the three National Holidays

Maharashtra government conducts a draw on all the week days except on Sunday and the three national holidays. There are total 10 Draws every week, which includes 6 weekly draws and 4 Mini Lottery draws.   We have listed below the name of weekly draws and mini lottery draws of week days.
  • Monday : (1) Sagar Lakshmi, (2) Maharashtra Diamond Mini
  • Tuesday : (3) Padmini
  • Wednesday : (4) Akshay, (5) Maharashtra Platinum Mini
  • Thursday : (6) Akarshak Puskaraj, (7) Maharashtra Gold Mini
  • Friday : (8) Vaibhav Lakshmi
  • Saturday : (9) Maharashtra Lakshmi, (10) Maharashtra Silver Mini
Results of all 10 lottery weekly, daily lotteries schemes are declare time to time on the same day on a specific time.    The results publishes on the website on the same day by evening or if holidays then can be available on the working days.   You can also find the lottery tickets in selected news papers such as Punya Nagari, Navakal and other leading news papers who publishes the lottery ticket results regularly.

How To Claim the Maharashtra Rajya Lottery Prize Money

Everybody of us who are purchasing Maharashtra Rajya Lottery are always await for prize money and every year very few lucky people get chance to claim the prize money from the official address of Maharashtra State lottery as there are different amount slabs are given to claim your prize money.
  • The Prizes which amount is upto Rs. 10,000 /- can claim the money from the retail agent from where they have purchased the lottery ticket.
  • The Prizes amount having more than Rs 10,000/- should be claim from the Dy. Director, Lotteries, Sewree.
  • The Prize money Winner must have to Claim the amount alongwith the original lottery ticket which has to be made or claim within 90 days of the draw date.
  • To check the authenticate results, everybody should visit the official website to check final result of the draws which is available on website and you can also check the lottery ticket results printed in select newspapers. 
  •  The lucky winners who have won prize amount having more than Rs 10,000 must have to submit Necessary Documents which includes Bond, Bank Details, Claim Form A, and other necessary documents which list you can find on the official website.
If you want to know more details of महाराष्ट्र राज्य लॉटरी Maharashtra State then can contact to the official address of Maharashtra Lottery Mumbai Office.   You can also find those information on the lottery ticket which you have purchase.   Just check back side of the lottery ticket where you may find official address, phone number, email id may have printed.

You can also get the official contact details at website -

महाराष्ट्र राज्य लॉटरी Contact Details of Maharashtra State Lottery महाराष्ट्र राज्य लॉटरी
1. Postal Address: 

Maharashtra State Lottery महाराष्ट्र राज्य लॉटरी,
Office of Deputy Director (Finance and Account),
Y-A-1, Shop Cum Godown, A.P.M.C. Market,
Sector-19 B, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400 705
Navi Mumbai Maharashtra State, India

2. Phone - दूरध्वनी क्रमांक: 
(०२२) २७८४६७२०

3. E mail /ई-मेल - 


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